Robin Brandenburg Dance Studio
MRS. ROBIN BRANDENBURG -owns and operates the "ROBIN BRANDENBURG DANCE STUDIO" in Harrison Ohio, and has been teaching over forty years. Her studio offers a complete curriculum including Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hawaiian, Floor Gymnastics and Romper Room Dance Movement. Robin, who attended The University of Cincinnati and graduated from Miami University and has an R.N. license, has also developed a program to accelerate tots ages 12 months to 3 years. Robin is known for her award winning choreography and dynamic teaching style. Her studio is known for it's ninety minute class program. Robin encourages the recreational as well as the professional level Students. She is in constant demand by theatre groups, pageant contestants, schools and service organizations. Her students have been the recipients of many awards and honors. Robin has watched her students perform professionally on stage, Broadway, and in film. Her knowledge of dance has made her a popular figure and often recruited Consultant , Judge, and Master Teacher.
RICHARD ANDERSON- has been THE GYMNASTIC COACH at the Robin Brandenburg Dance Studio for more than twenty-five years. Students of all ages love his classes, his entertaining choreography and artistic wizardry has made him in great demand with Students and many organizations. His students can boast successes with top rankings, honors, and awards.
STUDENT DEMONSTRATORSSTUDENT DEMONSTRATORS - The Robin Brandenburg Dance Studio has an unique program for five year +, upper classman dance students. Students are auditioned for this class. This program allows the dancer with at least five years of Mrs. Robin's dance training in the three hour a week dance program, the opportunity to assist underclassmen by demonstrating the technique of dance and gymnastics, assisting with stage make-up, costume and shoe changes. The duties of the STUDENT DEMONSTRATORS are to attend the weekly classes of an assigned class through out the entire dance season. As the classes progress the STUDENT DEMONSTRATORS will gain a better understanding of dance technique with improving their own dance abilities. Many other lifelong lessons will also be taught such as developing different ways of helping others to achieve the same lesson, and how to work with different ability and age levels.